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Why PizzaBoxNY

Looking for a Pizza Franchise Opportunity? Let PizzaBoxNY help you launch your Pizza business!


Wondering the difference between investing in a franchise and starting your own restaurant? Looking for more information about what makes PizzaBoxNY unique? Asking yourself if everything you have heard about franchising is true? This is your one-stop resource for all things relating to opening a PizzaBoxNY franchise!

As a consultant, pizza maker, employer, business partner and caring company, PizzaBoxNY delivers. 


We are experts in helping you setup a New York Style Pizzeria. The PizzaBoxNY network provides a flavorful, varied and high-quality menu to pizza-lovers of all ages and tastes.

Operate your pizzeria under the PizzaBoxNY franchise and let this be your beginning to a  successful and fun venture full of cheesy slices, smiles and rewards!

Get your Slice of the Pie!

How do you succeed as a pizza franchise owner? Through hard work, dedication to your business, and a little help from a network of people who have 'been there - done that'! When you invest in a PizzaBoxNY franchise, you get some distinct advantages that will help you navigate the industry.

flexible franchise that simply works!

Taking advantage of a restaurant franchise opportunity doesn’t mean there is no flexibility. PizzaBoxNY designs a restaurant model for you to best serve your customers. From delivery/takeout-only concepts starting at just 600 square feet to large dine-in concepts as big as 6,500 square feet, you can find the perfect layout for your market.

There are many advantages of this kind of flexibility that few other restaurant brands can offer. For one, it gives you much more options for where you can locate your pizzeria. If you know the perfect spot in a prime location but it’s only 600 square feet, you can still squeeze a PizzaBoxNY franchise there!

Our pizzerias serve fresh, made to-order pizza, pasta and salads, allowing customers to experience an authentic New York pizzeria feel at a reasonable price.


Approximately 20% to 45% of customers prefer takeout, making this service the most popular and profitable, offering the same quick convenience as delivery minus the tip.


Pizza delivery services allow customers to call in or place online orders. Traditionally, this is a key service to most popular pizza franchises, but what differentiates us is our menu. 


We offer full-service catering options for large & small events, corporate or private. We offer a full menu of specialties or we can customize a buffet for a less formal setting.


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