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Some Questions & Answers to help you understand the PizzaBoxNY



Do you require any special qualifications to purchase a PizzaBoxNY franchise?

We do not require any specific background or work experience to be considered for a franchise.  We are confident in our ability to train Franchisees to successfully duplicate our system. Ideally we seek individuals who possess good business acumen and are committed to following our proven system of operation.


If I do not meet the minimum financial qualifications, am I permitted to partner with another individual who does?

Yes. Franchisees (funding themselves or using partner capital) must possess the minimum financial qualifications necessary to fund the opening of their franchise.


Do you permit Franchisees to purchase more than one PizzaBoxNY franchise?

We offer an “Area Developer Program” for Franchisees who are qualified to open multiple franchise locations. Area Developers receive an exclusive area in which they are permitted to open additional locations over an agreed time period.


Do you permit absentee owners?

Sure, provided your GM successfully completes our initial training program.

Does PizzaBoxNY offer financing?

No. We do not offer in-house financing; however, we can provide a list of potential lenders for you to contact to determine your qualification to obtain financing.


Do you provide franchise training and support?

We conduct Initial Franchise Training for Franchise Owners and Managers. We also provide up to 10 days of on-site training and support at your franchise location shortly before opening and during the first few days of operation.


How long does it take to open a PizzaBoxNY franchise?

We estimate that the time required to open your franchise following the signing of the Franchise Agreement is 6 to 9 months.  This includes the time required to select a site, negotiate the lease, complete leasehold improvements, complete our initial Franchise Training, and hire and train your staff.


Do you provide advertising and marketing assistance?

We provide Franchisees advertising and marketing programs and establish social media campaigns that will help drive guests to your Pizza Box franchise. During your Initial Franchise Training, our team will begin advising you concerning Grand Opening and ongoing advertising and marketing programs that you will conduct in your Territory.


What types of locations are appropriate for a PizzaBoxNY franchise?

Strip mall end caps and free standing buildings that offer high visibility and traffic counts are ideal locations for your PizzaBoxNY franchise. The size of the space should range from 1,000-2,200 square feet, although larger spaces will also be considered.  We also highly recommend identifying potential locations that include patio space for outdoor dining as well as high footfall areas with both residential and commercial reach.


Do you assist Franchisees in selecting a location?

To ensure you select the right location for your PizzaBoxNY franchise, we review site information and complete demographic research to confirm the proposed location meets our criteria.


Do you provide assistance in designing and constructing my PizzaBoxNY franchise?

We provide Franchisees sample layouts and a floor plan for the construction of a PizzaBoxNY franchise.  Franchisees are also supported by our team of experts who design the concept layout for your PizzaBoxNY franchise. We also consult with you throughout the design and construction process to ensure your franchise is constructed on time and on budget.


How do I receive a copy of your Franchise Disclosure Document?

Simply reach out to us and we will email you a few questions to help us assess if you qualify for the franchise. Upon review and approval, we will then email you the Franchise Disclosure Document to take matters forward.

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